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clear english speech guide

Simple strategies you can implement to soften your foreign accent.

I created this guide to help foreign language speakers, like you, improve the clarity of your spoken English. Clear speech helps to create ease in any interaction, regardless of whether it is formal or informal, professional or social, with a group or an individual. My goal is to help you build confidence in your speaking abilities. Being a good communicator will open the door for more success professionally, and richer connections with the people you care about. I have included six techniques in this guide; each one will have a significant impact on the clarity of your spoken English. Click the icon to the left to access your free guide.


  • I love how Lisa guides me to speak more clearly with a native sound but I can keep my original accent. That has been transforming to me in a very special way. 

    Masumi Shane, Yoga Teacher
  • Deciding to start the 60-Day Accent Reduction Course with Lisa was one of  the best decisions I have ever made when it comes to my career development. I would 100% recommend Lisa’s online and in-person classes to anyone hoping to improve their speech.

    Matt Ghavi, Property Manager
  • I would like to thank Lisa for the opportunity to improve my pronunciation and intonation. Taking her 60 day course made it clear that I wasn't even aware of many of my own errors. My accent has definitely softened, and I sound much more natural. My English pronunciation improved 77% over the training period!

    Yana, ESL Instructor
  • Lisa is a great teacher and very professional. I always felt she prepared the lessons according to my needs. The 60 Day Accent Reduction Course is great for anyone wanting to improve all aspects of English. I highly recommend it.

    Carolina Ponte, Junior Accountant